Programmes of Study

Ribston Hall – Entry to Sixth Form September 2017

Minimum entry requirements for Sixth Form admission to Ribston Hall High school entry September 2017 is six GCSE passes at Grades A-C/grade 5 including Mathematics, English Language or English Literature. For each course, there are entry specific requirements, please check this information carefully. There are 3 possible Programmes of study students applying for places at Ribston Hall can undertake. Depending on your GCSE results and your intended career paths, students should select the Programme of study most appropriate to them.

Students should apply for the suitable Pathway based on their GCSE predictions. If students achieve better or not as well as expected, alternative pathways will be advised and allocated on results day in August 2017.


Programme of Study 1

Programme of Study 2


Programme of Study 3



3 Subjects + AS Qualification

Participation in a Russell Group /Oxbridge/ Medics Preparation Programme

3 Subjects + Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

3 subjects


Students predicted to achieve 6A*-A grades/Grade 7 or more

Students predicted to achieve a minimum of  6 B Grades/Grade 6   

Students predicted to achieve a minimum of 4 B grades/Grade 6

Suitable for

Students aspiring to a Russell Group university

Students considering Medicine or Veterinary Science

Students who are unsure of their career path, but would like to keep options as broad as possible. Students who can cope with the rigour of 4 AS subjects and achieve high grades in all areas at the end of Year 1

Students considering University or Higher Apprenticeship

Students with a specific career path in mind e.g. Law where an EPQ on a law based topic would enhance your application and in some cases lower the offer universities might make.

Students who are creative, arts focused or sports enthusiasts who would like to create an artefact or something similar for the EPQ.

Students applying for a very competitive course e.g. nursing

Students who will definitely be interviewed for their undergraduate course.

Students considering university, employment or apprenticeships.

Students who know they need the time to focus their efforts on just 3 subjects to ensure a consistent high performance in all 3 areas.


Information Advice and Guidance.

Students selecting Programme of Study 1 should remember that most universities using a grading system to make offers e.g. subject grades BBB and will not expect 4 subjects. Universities will make offers based on their admissions criteria, usually favouring 3 strong subject grades over 3 A Levels and an AS at slightly lower grades. Offers are not often lowered due to students having studied for an AS subject as well.  If, however, the university make an offer based on a points e.g. 120 UCAS points, the AS grade will often be considered as part of the offer.

Students considering Programme of Study 2 should be aware that there are a number of universities who offer a lower entry criteria if you have completed the EPQ.  For example, to study BSc Business Analytics at Southampton University the offer is as follows AAB or ABB with A in Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This is not available at every university, so students should remember to do their research before selecting this as an option.

Students opting for Programme of Study 3 should plan to make structured use of independent study time to ensure they maintain consistent grades in all three areas. If students perform well, meeting all their target grades in end of year examinations, students might be offered the opportunity to complete an EPQ. Again, universities prefer 3 strong subject grades above 3 A levels plus an AS with lower outcomes.