Head Girl

I thoroughly enjoy being a student at Ribston, and immensely value the principles, relationships and education this school has given me. Over the last six years, I have been fortunate enough to make many lifelong friends whose support and friendship have become invaluable. From my first day in year 7, I felt secure and comfortable due to the constant hard work and kindness from the brilliant community of staff and students. As a student body of over 800 young people we are all encouraged to try our best, while building friendships and receiving an education that will equip every single one of us for the best possible future.

One of the key reasons Ribston Hall students have such positive experiences during their time here, is due to the strength of support and motivation from teachers. Whether through form tutors, subject teachers, or heads of year; there is always a network of approachable and reassuring staff, to help and encourage students through the academic year. In addition to this, a considerate and experienced group of peer mentors are always available to help fellow students, bringing guidance and a friendly face throughout their demanding but highly rewarding education.

We are given frequent opportunities to work in a team, both during lessons and in a large selection of extra-curricular activities. From equestrian club to swimming galas, orchestra to science club, there is something for everyone to be a part of. Through attending the drama club and choir, I personally have been given the skills and confidence needed to pursue my choice of career, and this year, focus on being the best Head Girl I can be.  I am lucky enough to be a part of a brilliant Senior Student Leadership Team, with two excellent Deputy Head Girls and a talented group of Prefects and House Captains.

Looking back on my time at Ribston, I am incredibly proud of my academic achievements, and of the person I have become. Being a teenager involves frequent change and can often feel filled with uncertainty; however, students here are nurtured and reassured, so that our teenage years are relaxed and happy. We are motivated and prepared with the best steps for our futures, and while I am sad to soon be leaving my time at school behind; I cannot wait for all that is to come. I am sure all of my peers will agree with my when I say I am thoroughly grateful for my time at Ribston Hall High School, and will always look back on these years with the happiest of memories.

 Phillipa Burch | Head Girl 2016-2017