Ribston Roar 7th November

Forthcoming Events:
Thursday 10th November - Governors Committee Meeting 5.30pm; German Exchange Parents Meeting, 6pm.
Friday 11th November -Health & Social Care Visit to Gloucester Royal Hospital
Thursday 17th November - Year 12 Consultation Evening 4.30 - 7pm.
Ribston Hall Association
Draw tickets have been distributed to all students in school; these should be returned in the envelope provided by Friday 18th November. Further books of tickets are available from Reception. There are prizes for the Form that sells the most tickets. The Christmas Craft Fair takes place on Thursday 24th November in the Hall between 5.30 and 9pm.
Library News
Over £250 in free books was raised from the Scholastic Book Fair in October. Thank you very much to everyone who bought books, stationery or posters. The new books are a very welcome addition to the Library.
The Library is promoting 'National Non-Fiction November'. To encourage students to read more non-fiction and write about it Miss Burkett would like to offer students 2 House Points for every non-fiction book review that they submit to the Library. There will be an edible prize for the student who submits the 'best' review (to include the most opinions, thoughts and feelings). One side of A4 maximum by Monday 5th December 2016.
Careers Information Advice and Guidance
I am asking for some support at upcoming careers events we are trying to plan here at Ribston Hall High School. Alongside the scheduled Parent Consultation Evenings we are looking to arrange an event for girls and their parents in Year 11 and Year 9, with the aim to raise aspirations and provide them with opportunities to speak to potential employers and institutions that they may wish to engage in post 18. We are looking to run this like a mini careers fair where girls and parents will be able to discuss their interests and ambitions. The two evenings are:
-          Year 9 Thursday 19th January 4.00 pm- 7.30 pm
-          Year 11 Thursday 2nd March 4.00 pm- 7.30 pm
If you, or your employer would be willing to support this event please contact Andy Barnard via email AB@Ribstonhall.gloucs.sch.uk for further details.
School Visits
Kraków Trip - 2016.  By Molly Riglar, Year 13 student
During the October half term I was lucky enough to be one of 31 students and 3 members of staff to visit Kraków, Poland on a history trip. We had a wonderful time, jam packed with activities, tours and learning about the treatment of Jews from Poland during the Second World War. On day one we left school bright and early at 6:45 to get to Bristol airport. When we got to Poland we got stuck in straight away to a guided tour of the Old Town of Kraków. Barbara who was very knowledgeable about the history of Kraków gave us a guided tour. We saw Wawel Castle guarded by a fierce, fire-breathing dragon, the main square surrounding the Cloth Hall and St Mary's Basilica which had a beautifully decorated gold interior and two incredible towers at the front. Every hour from one of these towers a bugle horn plays a melody cut short to remember a 13th century trumpeter, who was shot in the throat while sounding the alarm before an attack on the city. After the tour we ate at a small restaurant in the Old Town. Our beds called after a busy day of travelling and walking so sleep on day one was easy!

Day two started with a guided tour of the Jewish quarter of Kraków. On this tour we went inside a Synagogue, learnt about how Jews had come to arrive in Poland and how they lived, we saw the site of the Jewish ghetto during the Second World War and we visited Schindler's Factory. The memorial on the site of the ghetto and the preserved piece of ghetto wall were particularly upsetting because they brought to life what we had only seen on films like 'Schindler's List'. Only a stones throw from these places was Schindler's Factory, having been converted into a museum you wouldn't be able to tell what its purpose had once been. The exhibition in the factory was incredible, using different layouts, lighting, pictures and wall displays to tell the story of Kraków during World War Two, in particular the life of Jewish people. During the afternoon we visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine which was opened in the 13th century and is around 400 steps deep. The ceilings covered in stalactites, white salt and cauliflower salt were very intriguing as were the huge underwater lakes and the magical chapel of St Kinga. This chapel fit for a wedding with sculptures, lights and decoration made of salt was amazing to see. Luckily we did not have to climb stairs back up there was a lift waiting to make that journey a little easier! Another very tiring day ended with a great meal and an early night.

Day three was the day I had been waiting for. The morning consisted of a shopping trip in the Old Town. We stopped at a café where we had the best hot chocolate ever and brought the souvenirs we wanted to remember the trip. The bus to Auschwitz was quiet and thoughtful. I was sure I was prepared for the afternoon ahead but I wasn't, not at all. The enormity of the situation shocked me during the first room of the exhibition. Nothing could have prepared me for the distress, upset and shock I felt. The next part of the trip was to Auschwitz Birkenau, the remains of a death camp. The desolate nature of the remains made everyone think about what had happened. The one memorial at Birkenau read 'For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. 1940-1945'. This quote speaks a thousand words and sums up how it feels to see Auschwitz. During the evening of day three we were entertained by a Jewish klezmer band at a traditional Jewish restaurant, there were three members of the band, a violinist, a double bassist and an accordionist. They were incredible and the music was joyous and uplifting. A walk back to the hotel concluded our trip and when we woke up it was time to return home.

This trip was more than everyone expected, we had a great, thoughtful, memorable time and I would recommend a trip to Kraków to anyone, it was truly a life changing, eye-opening experience.
Enrichment Week 2017
An information booklet has been distributed to all students in Years 7 - 10 about the Residential Visits available next year. Additional information about non-residential activities will be available in the near future. Students are asked to return their Preference Forms to Mr Trigg who will record the date and time of receipt.

Enrichment Week takes place between 10th and 14th July 2017 and the normal school timetable will be collapsed to enable all students and staff to take part.