Ribston Roar 14th October 2016

14th October 2016

Half Term Holiday:  Monday 17th October to Friday 28th October
Week beginning 31st October: University Admissions Tests and GCSE Retake Examinations
Tuesday 1st November: Year 7 Swimming Gala 11.30am
Thursday 3rd November: Year 13 Consultation Evening 4.30 - 7pm; RHA Committee Meeting, 7.30pm
Tuesday 8th November: Sixth Form Drama - Frantic Assembly Workshop
Thursday 10th November: German Exchange Meeting, 6pm
Friday 11th November: District Cross- Country Championships, 12noon


Please find below, the 'Five Stage Attendance Procedure' that we are putting in to place at Ribston Hall. The procedure outlines the stages that will take place if your daughter/son's attendance falls below 93%.
Five Stage Attendance Procedure
Students will move to the next stage if their attendance does not improve:
Stage 1, Initial concern

  • Attendance falls below 93%
  • Letter to parents
  • Review in 4-6 weeks

Stage 2

  • Letter to parents
  • A Student Attendance Agreement completed with student and Form Tutor/Head of Year
  • Review in 4-6 weeks

Stage 3

  • Letter to parents
  • Arrange school meeting or home visit
  • Medical evidence will be required to authorise further absence due to illness
  • Review in 4-6 weeks

Stage 4

  • Letter to parents, warning of prosecution
  • Formal Attendance Improvement Meeting (AIM) to draw up a Parenting Contract
  • First Review 4-6 weeks

Stage 5

  • Attendance Improvement Meeting, Review 1 resulting in either:
  • Improvement but targets not met, plan to continue, with Review 2 date or
  • Targets not met, request for legal action to the Education Performance and Inclusion Team (EP&I)

Depending on the level of concern, a student can be placed on any of the stages and a student may not have been on all stages of the procedure before a referral is made to the Education Performance and Inclusion Team.

Stranger Danger

There have been a number of incidents in Gloucester recently and we would like to remind parents and young people about strangers. Taken from the Gloucestershire Constabulary website:
Strangers come into our lives every day, in shops, in parks and where you live. Usually, they are normal, harmless people, but some may not be and may want to hurt children.
It's not always easy to tell who is a good stranger and who is a bad stranger. Just because someone looks scary, doesn't mean he or she is dangerous. And a nice-looking stranger is not always a good person.
To stay safe:

  • do not go off anywhere with a stranger or get in a car with one
  • do not take things, such as sweets, money or gifts, from a stranger
  • never play near public toilets
  • do not go off on your own; always play with other children and be back home before it gets dark

If you are frightened by a stranger, go straight home and tell a parent or carer. If you can't run home, tell a safe stranger. Safe strangers are people you can go to for help if you need it, such as police officers, firefighters, teachers or an adult that you know well.
Remember, most strangers are good. You don't have to worry about strangers if you follow the rules to stay safe.

Congratulations to

Kerry and Robyn Lindeque who have given presentations to students at Ribston Hall High School and Cheltenham Ladies College on their work as volunteers for Young Carers.
Violette Miller is one of the first girl choristers in the history of Gloucester Cathedral, she will sing in an Inaugural evensong on Monday November 7th at 5.30pm, this is the first time girls will be admitted to the choir in the history of the cathedral so it's a very exciting time of historical importance and relevance to girls.
Lauren Jarvis who has been selected to represent Great Britain in the Artistic Roller Skating Team at the Cup of Europe in Bologna, Italy in November 2016.
All students and staff who have 'been the best that they can be', in different activities, during September and October.

Calling young musicians of the future!

Gloucestershire County Council's music service, Gloucestershire Music, is supporting local school children with the chance to play a musical instrument.
This half term children aged 7 to 11 will be able to try a range of brass, string and woodwind instruments before choosing one they would like to learn.
Parents are being invited to send their children to a special one day 'F.A.M.E.' (first access music ensemble) course on Saturday 22nd October.  There are two locations to choose from, either Sir Thomas Rich's School in Gloucester or Marling School in Stroud. Both sessions will run from 10am to 4pm.
The one day course will prepare the children for the 'F.A.M.E.' academy, which will be held at both of the music centres in Gloucester and Stroud from November.
Cllr Paul McLain, cabinet member for children and young people said, ?If you've ever wanted to learn a musical instrument, now's your chance. The F.A.M.E. course will give your child a fast track start to the FAME academy. At the academy young instrumentalists in their first few months of learning will have the chance to play in an ensemble and develop their skills. Why not book a place today??
Book now!
There is nothing to pay now but you can register your interest at www.gloucestershiremusic.co.uk then click the F.A.M.E. button.
The cost of the one day course, instrument hire and membership to one of the centres until the end of March 2017 will be £75 (or £37.50 for those eligible for bursaries).

Ribston Hall MyEd 'App'

Following the successful rollout of the MyEd app and a trial of sending electronic only letters home for some communications this term, we are going to start using this process for ALL letters sent home from school.  Letters and forms that are sent by Ribston will go to any Parent or Guardian contact who is identified as priority 1 against a student record. 
The letters will be received via E-mail from the school and can be viewed in the MyEd app if you have it.  If you would like us to update your records, please change your details on Progresso or contact the school.
If you don't have the app yet, follow the instructions below:
MyEd is the free parent app that gives you a multitude of communication and information features to stay in touch with what is going on at school. The app gives you direct access to your daughter/son's attendance, timetable, absence records, achievements, behaviour and much, much more. You will also see that we update and change the information in the app as the school year moves along. Click here (http://www.myedschoolapp.com/) to see a short video about the app.

We are able to send you messages directly to the MyEd app relating to important information about your child's education and to remind you of events that are taking place at school.  You are also able to notify us if you daughter/son will be absent from school using the app.  You will receive a notification if we send you a message and there is no charge for the messages you send to us.

The MyEd app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices and can be found using the links below:

Step 1 - Go to your App Store

Step 2 - Search for My Ed

Step 3 - Download the Free app

Apple iOS App

Google Android App

Once you have installed and opened MyEd, search for Ribston Hall High School and follow the simple instructions to identify yourself.

We hope you enjoy using the app and find it a useful source of information.

Progresso Access for new Parents

We provide access to parents to our Management Information System called Progresso, here you can access Assessment and Reporting Data, Attendance Statistics and Positive and Negative behaviour events for your daughter or son.  We will be providing access to new parents after half-term in time for the first Progress Report.

Show My Homework

We will shortly be releasing Parent logins to Show My Homework this will provide a PIN code to set up your own account so that you can use the Show My Homework App on a smartphone or tablet (students already have access to this).
In the meantime, you can access the school homework calendar here: https://ribstonhall.showmyhomework.co.uk/school/homeworks/calendar

RHA Christmas Craft Fair and Draw

Thursday 24th November 5.30 - 9pm
The Committee have organised a 'Grand Draw' with fantastic prizes to raise funds for a Laser Cutter.  We would like to ask all students to sell two books of Draw Tickets and these will be distributed via Register Boxes on 31st October. Please support the RHA by purchasing the tickets.

Offsite Visits this half term

A visit to Weston Super Mare.

On 29th September, Year 9 students visited Weston Super Mare for a Geography Project. In geography we are analysing different areas of land for example the type of terrain and surroundings. Throughout the next few weeks, the year 9's will use their research and surveys to investigate the current conditions of the sea front and if any improvements could be made.
After an hour the students were off the bus, very excited and in their groups. We had arrived at Weston Super Mare. During the trip to Weston the students were asked to fill out a booklet that contained pages with questions and activities for them to fill out while there.
The first two pages looked at the sea defence and quality of the environment. Students answered questions on erosion, the aesthetics and access of the sea defence, safety, buildings and litter. They answered the questions by ticking a box that they think is relevant e.g. the safety of the sea defence was a 3 (3 being the best, -1 being the worst). This will help us with our project as it will allow us to see where improvements can be made to increase visitor numbers.
Then we sat in our groups and drew our surroundings. My group was sat outside the pier while others were by the Sea Life Centre, Winter Gardens, Swimming Pool, Miniature Railway and Knightstone Causeway. Once drawn, we annotated key features like the flat, wet sand and buildings, as well as adding colour.
Next, we walked around our designated areas and asked the public several questions on Weston Super Mare, these included where they had come from, whether they thought the Sea Defences had made a good or bad difference and whether there were any improvements. The public were very nice and a few people told us Weston needed Wind Defences which made us laugh. At 11:30 we stopped, sat down and took a person count. Several people counted who walked to the left and the rest counted who walked to the right. The count and the survey will both help us with our project as it will give us an idea of how many people visit Weston Super Mare and their thoughts on it. 
The rest of the day the students spent exploring, taking photos of Weston and buying sweets. Then, we met all the teachers back at the coaches where we then set off for Ribston.
By Hannah Brown, 9D

Year 9 Bristol Zoo Trip

On Monday 19th September, Year 9 went on a trip to Bristol Zoo to collect research for our DT and Art projects. In Art we are looking at an artist, Henri Rousseau, well known for his paintings of animals. We are going to be creating our own painting in the style of Rousseau later on this term. In DT we are going to be creating products to be sold at a zoo. We will be looking at prices, packaging and target market groups when creating our product. In Product Design we are creating jewellery, in Textiles we are creating doorstops and in Food we are making food for a zoo's café.

 When we arrived at the zoo we were each given a booklet of information we had to find and record. Everybody was very excited and split off into groups. Bristol Zoo was a great zoo to collect information from, as they have a wide range of animals, plants and flowers. We all took lots of photographs of the animals, plants and architecture. These photos will be used later in class as inspiration when designing our products and beginning our Rousseau inspired painting. It was great being able to see the animals up close rather than through photos, as it gave us lots of ideas that we can use in our Art and DT lessons at school. It also enabled us to gather primary information and evidence. Also it was enjoyable and interesting learning about and watching the animals and seeing the beautiful plants and flowers. In our booklets there were lots of tasks we had to complete. Firstly, we had to make sketches of any graphics (texts, borders, images) we saw on signs around the zoo. These sketches will be helpful when creating our own packaging in DT. The next task was to sketch three things (plants, flowers, animals or architecture) that we found especially interesting. I drew some tropical fish from the aquarium, an amazing statue of a gorilla and a beautiful flower display. Then we had to design a table that we could record the types of people at the zoo in (young or old, male or female, younger or older children, couples or families). This information can be used to see who our target market group are. Then we can aim our products at the people the zoo mostly attracts. Next we had to visit the zoo's café and gift shop to make notes on the prices, packaging, promotions and production of the products. This was very interesting and we managed to gather lots of primary information that we wouldn't have been able to find on the Internet. We also made notes on how health and safety was addressed around the zoo, on products in the gift shop and when displaying and storing food in the café. Lastly, we went around the zoo and filled a double page spread in the booklet with sketches of the flowers, plants and animals. This was great practice for art, but also these sketches will be great inspiration when creating our own Rousseau inspired paintings. When everybody had finished working, everybody had fun in the gift shop, spending their money on stuffed toys and key rings to take home as souvenirs of the great day we had!

When the day was over, we were all sad to get back on the coach. We all thoroughly enjoyed our day at the zoo. Not only was it very fun looking at the animals and plants, it also gave us a great opportunity to collect important first hand information for our projects.

Sungju Lee | Author visit 12th October 2016

On Wednesday 12th October, Ribston Hall High School welcomed the North Korean author and speaker, Sungju Lee. Sungju grew up in North Korea and his new book 'Every Falling Star: the true story of how I survived and escaped North Korea' (co-authored with Susan McClelland) describes his harrowing experience.
Sungju spoke to an audience of three hundred Ribston Hall students and staff and told his fascinating and informative story. Sungju was also available in the Library at lunch time to answer student questions and sign copies of his book; a very popular event indeed!
While Sungju's experience of growing up in North Korea was far from easy, his message is that hope is never lost. 

We hope you have a safe and restful half term