New School pedestrian access from September 2016

When students return to Ribston Hall in September there will no longer be any access to the school via the Calton road gateway.

A new gateway and path have been installed halfway between the school main entrance on Stroud Road, and the mini roundabout at the top of Tuffley Avenue – where a new traffic island has been created.

 ALL student access is now either via the existing entrance on Linden Road, or the new gateway on Stroud Road.

There is NO pedestrian access via the main school gate (even for 6th form students), and parents may not drive onto the school site to drop off students.

Students arriving by car should be dropped on the Stroud Road.

Bennetts and Marchants buses that drop off in Tuffley Avenue, will drop nearer to the Stroud Road end of Tuffley Avenue. Students should walk down to the Stroud Road and access school via the new gate. There will be staff around on the first two days of term to help.

Other buses will continue to drop off on Stroud Road where students can continue to walk down to Linden Road entrance.

New entrance is indicated on the map below as a green icon.