Teachers: Mr S Venn, Miss H Bird


Sociology is the study of Society and is a stimulating subject in which students achieve a greater understanding of the society in which they live. It will help to develop critical and analytical skills which are seen by employers and Universities as essential for a changing world and an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Key Stage 5:

Exam Board: AQA

Topics covered: Families and Households, Education and Research Methods, Beliefs, Crime & Deviance with Theory and Methods. 

Assessment:  AS: Unit 1- Families and Households (1 hour examination),

Unit 2- Education and Research Methods (2 hour examination)

A2: Unit 3- Beliefs (1 ½ hour examination), Unit 4- Crime & Deviance with Theory and Methods (2 hour examination).

Extra Curricular:

Social Science conference in June of Year 12

Visit to the Crown Court in January of Year 13.