Teachers: Mr A Sargent,Ms S Field, Mrs M Alway Mrs R Gaston, Mrs M Castignetti, Miss S Austin, Ms E McKnight


‘To enrich understanding and develop interpretation’


Key Stage 3 

Each year we ensure a wide range of texts are being taught. Building on the skills and abilities of Year 6, in Year 7 we look at challenging fiction and non-fiction to engage and stimulate our learners. In Year 8, a variety of thought provoking texts ensure skills and abilities are secured and developed. In Year 9, we challenge and stretch every learner with texts to ignite their interest in the world around them, the world before them and the world after them.

Key Stage 4
Every student studies for OCR GCSE English Language and OCR GCSE English Literature.

Key Stage 5
AQA GCE English Language Specification A
AQA GCE English Literature Specification A

Extra Curricular

Year 7 attend a theatre performance.

Year 7, 9 and 10 attend a Poetry Workshop with Cliff Yates.

Year 10 participate in a book group run by the sixth form.

Led by Year 13, Year 10 students write articles for the Young Citizen (monthly pull out section in Gloucester’s The Citizen newspaper).