Teachers: Mr G Collins, Mrs J Yates and Mrs R Adorisio


Art at Ribston Hall High School offers students the opportunity to develop their creativity, their technical skills and their personal artistic styles. Structured learning references the work of artists through cultural and critical understanding which promotes appreciation, confidence, expression, enjoyment and skill.


Key Stage 3:

Year 7; Foundation course- developing basic skills. The visual elements, applying key skills, creative project, critical studies.

Year 8; Exploration, risk taking and inspiration from artists. Responding to artwork, drawing skills, experimental work, formal evaluating.

Year 9; Developing personal styles with increased opportunities to develop own ideas. GCSE style work, perspective, conceptual, include one major project that includes formal evaluation.

Key Stage 4:

AQA Fine Art; Revise key skills and then move to a higher level developing in depth personal work. Topics are portraiture, architecture, experimental observation and exam preparation. Assessment is following the 4 assessment objectives with coursework 60% and final exam 40% of the final grade.

Key Stage 5

AQA Fine Art; AS course starts with a structured course and then develops personal skills and ideas. A2 course students negotiate personal projects with support from your teachers. Assessment follows the 4 assessment objectives with coursework portfolio 50% and final exam 50% of the final grade.

Extra Curricular

Artwork is celebrated through exhibitions of work around the school. We run an lunchtime Art club for Key Stage 3, lunchtime support sessions for GCSE and A’ Level as well as Brilliant Artist workshops through the year and an Art Leaders programme for committed artists in years nine and above who want to take on further responsibility within Art.